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This Summer At PR: Processing & Preparing

Hi, study abroad-ers! This summer at PR we’re excited to introduce you to a newly redesigned website, and we’ve revamped everything from our mission statement to our design. Our #1 priority is being a place of community, support, and encouragement for past, present and future study abroad students–not a place to sell you a program, not a place to trivialize your amazing experience. We are all study abroad alumni and we want to process the journey and prepare for it with you, not write lists on why you should go back. Let’s get into study abroad in depth!

This summer, we’re going to focus heavily on the upcoming year. The summer is a great turnover time for study abroad, even though we’re not returning to universities but are staying at or leaving home: many of you have or are returning from a spring semester of study abroad, you’re doing a summer program, or you’re anxiously looking forward to the fall when you’ll be leaving on your own trip (or planning to work hard to study abroad in the future!).

Which is why our article series and discussions this summer are going to center around processing and preparing.


Coming back from study abroad is one of the most life altering things you’ll experience in your study abroad trip–you’ll learn so much while abroad, but it’s when your feet touch the soil of your home country that you’ll start processing and putting into place everything you’ve learned while having the time of your life studying abroad. And, oh yes, you’ll be introduced to the constant companion of many study abroad alumni: Reverse Culture Shock. RCS is a tough, powerful thing in our lives–studies show that it may effect us even more than initial culture shock.

But don’t worry.


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We want to process that with you. We’ll be discussing ways not to just COPE with the heavy feeling of RCS, but to learn and grow and process lessons learned from it. RCS, we’re going to prove that we can and we WILL make you useful and work to our advantage!

Part of the process of returning from study abroad is remembering. And it is so important to do so that we’ll be featuring as many interviews and stories (we want to hear your in-depth stories; not just a city guide but ALL ABOUT that one day where you took a risk and talked to that friend and how it paid off, etc.).

Or, at least one from our friends at GPSmyCity. We’ll also be running some surveys and questionnaires to get more involvement and feedback, but we will reward your participation by entering you in a drawing for cool apps. So, stay tuned!


Long live the pioneers Rebels and mutineers Go forth and have no fear Come close the end is near // And I say hey, hey hey hey Living like we're renegades // It's our time to make a move It's our time to make amends It's our time to break the rules Let's begin And I say hey, hey hey hey

Go forth and have no fear!

Maybe you’re days or weeks away from a summer study abroad trip. You’re going to have a whirlwind of a time meeting new friends, gaining confidence as you travel, learning new things, and trying new foods.
But maybe you’re also enjoying your summer to the fullest before you leave in the fall for the daunting semester abroad. Either way, we are so excited for you and want to share our best preparation tips, secrets, and methods of coping with the anxiety and how to prepare yourself to have the best time abroad and make the most of your experience.

Not just packing tips–we’ll give you the real low-down on which travel products work and which don’t. Which apps we used when we were lost in a city or how we navigated from one end of the country to another using only a paper map. Skills, skills, skills! And, in the spirit of being useful, we’ll also include what to expect at your departure, what to expect when arriving, and how to deal gracefully with the unexpected.


Got all that? Wonderful! We can’t wait to share with you and build our community of outward looking, brave new travelers! We’re just like you–we all took the leap of studying abroad, and we all love sharing our memories. Stick with us!


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