All design and branding was created by Paige C. Kelly. In my normal life, I’m a freelance designer & artist. I am crazy about typography and am versatile on both web and print design. In May 2015 I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Studio Art so now I have all the creds to back up my skills!

It is a joy to create functional, beautiful websites for business owners and bloggers that are no-hassle and easy to use. Easy to understand pricing for beautiful websites and happy customers.

You can view my resumé here.

Why create a custom website with me instead of doing it yourself?

There are a lot of website builders on the internet but none of them can offer you the flexibility or creativity that working with a professional designer can–and ESPECIALLY working with an expert in the study abroad industry. Paige specializes in excellence in study abroad education and applying it to study abroad. She completed an internship in Study Abroad Marketing/Design with Campbell University’s Office of Study Abroad and continues to work with them to design marketing and promotional materials from banners to posters to literature to t-shirts to postcards. Design makes a huge impact on driving customers to your message and if you run a study abroad related blog or website, I would love to help you achieve your target audience of students, professionals, or faculty.

Packages & Rates

I create my sites using, which is a free Content Management System that has tons of flexibility and options for your site. WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform but can be used as a static website as well.

All my rates are calculated to factor in hours spent as well as the finished, polished product you’ll receive. If you have questions, would like to add something on that’s not listed, or would like a quote on something else please contact me here!

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