Hey, study abroad alumnus!

Why read Pursuing the Road?

We’re you–we studied abroad, and came back to a life that belonged to a totally different person. PtR was created by study abroad alumnus as an outlet and way to archive our best advice, record our feelings and memories, and remember our travels.

Remember when you were scouring the internet to find out what study abroad was really like? Maybe you didn’t come across something that quite answered your questions–from your perspective. We want you here so that YOU can be a voice for these needs and write with us.

Stick with us because not only are we bringing that advice–but we are an outlet for your stories. If you want to write about or be interviewed about your experience, if you have road trip recommendations for your destination, if you have a crazy story of getting lost and finding the coolest thing while studying abroad, we can’t wait to record them. Until then you’re welcome to browse other stories, get inspired by places you see featured here (and maybe make travel plans!), and read along with us as we discuss re-entry shock AKA the dreaded “reverse culture shock”, how to incorporate study abroad into your career, and more.

Thanks for being with us, and exploring the world!