Pursuing the Road exists because of a passion for the world of study abroad, and the world that study abroad opens up. Written entirely by study abroad alumnus, from a genuine desire to help (not profit), our mission is to share what study abroad is really like, advise and educate* prospective study abroad students on what study abroad is really like, and link with other alumnus to share experiences in an effort of understanding what only study abroad alumnus can understand–how challenging it is to have your life changed by a global education. We exist to support past, current, and future study abroad students with an aim to continually widen our perspectives on global education and encourage each other towards using our global educations excellently.



DSC_0383You’ll find honest reviews here, some biased, and some not (we’ll be sure to tell you this ahead of time). Pursuing the Road was a simple travel blog until the founder realized that, with her passion for study abroad, she wanted a place for students like her to gather that wasn’t just run by an organization trying to get you to spend money with them or simple articles you find like “10 Ways Study Abroad Changes Your Life.” Our articles go more in-depth, are more honest, and explore the highs and the lows of study abroad. If you’re interested in writing for us, we would LOVE that and encourage you to read more here and get involved. In addition to articles on the places, experiences, and schools we attended, PR is striving to go further and see how your global education fits into your degree and provides information on how you can factor study abroad into the workplace and different industries.



* Please note that while we do our best to present factual, accurate, and up-to-date information, we are no substitute for your high school/college/university study abroad/exchange office and advisors. While we aim to educate, we also cannot take the place of a qualified educator in the field and do not have formal qualifications in the subject (unless otherwise stated in the article).

Pursuing the Road aims to educate but we are not responsible for any misunderstandings, mishaps, or other incidents you may have while you’re studying abroad. As with any site on the internet, and any article you read, please take our advice with a grain of salt, and use your reasoning skills to apply the information on how it fits best into your life and goals.

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