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Hey, study abroad alumnus! Your experience was important, meaningful, and impactful. But how can you improve it? By SHARING it. Study abroad has a lot of things in common, so we strive to showcase those experience to future students to give them an idea of what it’ll be like; but it also has a lot of differences because everyone who has studied abroad is an individual.

We would love you to be able to share that individual and shared experience with a wider audience–that’s where our partnership comes in. If you already have a blog/personal website, we are unique in that we will promote you alongside your writing. Your writing on here promotes your blog and your career, and you can also point to us as experience and a tool in your belt.

PtR accepts both regular columnists and occasional contributors.

As a regular columnist, you would…

  • Sign up to regularly post an article with us, either on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. The frequency is up to you!
  • Write about study abroad–you can do a mix of topics or you can choose to narrow your focus to something like features on the place you studied abroad in (i.e., focusing entirely on Costa Rica, or Italy, or China–wherever you went!–with posts on culture, daily life, food, travel, and university) or study abroad advice or career advice (i.e., how you used study abroad to fuel your career, how to have a career in study abroad, how study abroad changed the direction of your career and opportunities you can have because of study abroad).
  • Have fun contributing and learning about writing, publishing, and blogging! Once you’re on our regulars team, you’ll be able to access our group and regularly connect (virtually, but in person we hope, someday!) with other staff through our portal and share advice and cute sloth videos.

As a contributor, you would…

  • Write as much or as little about study abroad, so this is the option for you if you have a great article idea but don’t have the time/commitment to contribute regularly (which you are always welcome to switch to!).
  • Write about anything in study abroad  from city-specific guides and recommendations to your take on a program or general tips about study abroad.


We would love to have you on board! Study abroad is all about helping each other–we’re all allies and friends when we’re traveling–and not just while traveling, but post study abroad as well. We’d love to help you add writing/work credentials to your name and help you grow in the study abroad field. So please consider writing for us!

Each submission is personally looked over and you’ll get a personal response. If you have any questions, please look over our FAQ below first of all and then feel free to ask us any questions.
To get started, please fill out the form below! If we’re interested in you, we’ll follow up with a request for a writing sample.

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Q: Do I have to have any credentials to write for PtR?
A: No official ones! The only requirement is that you have to have studied abroad before/are currently studying abroad. You don’t have to have a degree, and you don’t have to have a specific degree.

Q: What writing experience do I need?
A: We love new writers! However, we do have certain standards, and we do have a style guide that you’ll need to adhere to (no worries, it’s not huge and it’s not overbearing–just the basics) and as long as you keep the basic rules of grammar, that’s great. We do edit all submissions before posting (although we will not make fundamental changes to facts or experiences before consulting you).
If you have tons of writing experience for blogs, print publications, school, anything… awesome! But if not, please don’t feel excluded–SO MANY study abroad students have incredible things to write about and we believe in giving them the tools to get started in showcasing their experience! We’ll send you a writing sample request that you can complete on the spot or you can send us a past writing example/blog link.

Q: Do I need have a blog/be published?
A: No, you don’t need to be blogging currently to write for us! If you are, that’s great and we’d be happy to include a link, but if not, no sweat. We’re happy to include a link to any social media outlet. Also, you don’t need to have been published anywhere previously to write for us.

Q: May I write general travel articles?
A: While we totally, 100% encourage travel articles (that’s what we’re about!) travel articles not related to study abroad/travels not undertaken on study abroad are not what we accept. Why? Because travel/study abroad is a huge industry and we believe in narrowing it down to just study abroad. If you studied abroad in Paris but took a weekend trip to Bern, Switzerland, during the time you were studying abroad, we are happy to feature that! But we don’t accept travel articles about travels/experiences taken outside of study abroad. However, we LOVE reading those and are partnering, in the future, with several sites that specialize in travel articles and would be happy to recommend you to them! So stay tuned.

Q: May I write articles that are focused on promoting my service/product/travel program/blog?
A: We are pretty picky with what we promote, because we are a blog BY former students FOR current students–which means we want to keep promotion and things we endorse to a minimum because we feature a variety of opinions and experiences. However, if you are a current/past study abroad student and want to write about your time doing a specific university program or a specific place, that is totally fine! At this time we are not accepting articles on why you should do a specific program by educational professionals who run those programs, but if you are an educational professional who runs a program and wants to talk about a general aspect of study abroad–such as the benefits of study abroad on business students, the benefits of studying in Europe, or something that doesn’t directly promote your own program, we would be happy to work with you and consider that and of course feature a link to your website in your bio.
If you’re currently studying abroad and have a blog, we’re also happy to feature that! Email us.

Q: Do I need to include photos?
A: A big part of our brand image is excellent travel photos. However, we recognize that not everyone is a photographer/wants to share your photos, and you’ll still be given due and equal consideration even if you fit into one of those categories! So no, not entirely necessary, but VERY ENCOURAGED. We will include copyright text for you under EACH photo and total credit throughout the article, and any photo you submit to us remains your property and we will ONLY use it where expressly authorized by you, the owner.